Using period film and movie cameras

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Using period film and movie cameras

Post by Kurt_Eggers »

Hi gents, im a new member of kompanie 1, just done my second event and my thing is photography so im getting together a kriegsberichter impression. At the moment ive only got a zorki 2s and a postwar agfa camera, so they arent really appropriate if i want to be 100% accurate.

Which model of still cameras were most commonly used by kriegsberichters?

I know leicas were all the rage, but what else? I have my eye on a voigtlander brillant and a couple of folding cameras too.

Which models of movie cameras were used? Were the bolex cameras used by german kriegsberichters? If so, is it possible to buy the film for them and use them now? I have a vague idea about sticking a go pro inside an old camera, but you cant beat doing it the original way.

So, to the guys who use period film and movie cameras, how do you process yours? With video, is it best to buy a projector and then record that, or do you have to send the film off for processing?

The big downside of this ive noticed is the cost, so any advice on cutting down the expenditure would be very very welcome here.

Any other advice regarding kriegsberichters would be great too.


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Re: Using period film and movie cameras

Post by LHistorian »

Good on ya for trying for a kriegsberichter impression Kurt_Eggers! Always thought that was a very cool role to do.

For my uneducated 2 cents, I think as a kriegsberichter you'd have much more common/popular/readily available cameras and movie makers (leicas, etc.), especially if you were issued your camera? Please correct me if wrong.

I have a 1934 cine'-kodak 8 model 20 movie camera that I have as a private purchase for my impression....haven't used it just yet but setting it up to for my next event too use it. Kodaks were pretty popular and plentiful tho expensive at the time. The nice thing is my camera shoots 16mm but films in 8mm so get a lotta use out of my film, so would suggest you find any camera that uses common film sizes (8mm/16mm) especially for those of us who have a really tight budget. You can still find 8mm film online for relatively cheap, even without being recanned film rolls.

Are you stateside or across the pond? I have a few sources here for buying film and processing it here in the states if you are, otherwise best I could suggest is google haha.

Would love to see some of pics of your equipment! The best of luck with your future impression :)

p.s. here was some questions and answers I was able to get from this forum: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=21124
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Re: Using period film and movie cameras

Post by pepperpot »

if you live in the uk you need to contact steve freidrich as he already does this impression and has links with the Wehrmacht

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