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Complete package

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Looks like I will be able to start offering the complete package deals that got me into selling in the first place. A number of deals will be available but to start with it will be easier to put together a late war impression. The package will include:

x1 tunic complete with EM insignia (M36, M40, Heer M42, SS M42, Heer M43, SS M43, M44, Dot pattern)
x1 pair of trousers (Early Stone Grey, M40, M43, Dot Pattern)
x1 Helmet M35 or M42 (sizes 58-60 but this is still to be confirmed)
x1 Side cap or M43 Ski Cap
x1 Collared Undershirt
x1 EM Leather Belt
x1 EM Belt Buckle
x1 Pair Leather Y Straps
x1 Bread bag
x1 Gas Mask Cannister with gas cape bag (no strap at the moment to attache it to the cannister)
x1 pair K98 ammo pouches
x1 Mess Tin with strap
x1 shovel with leather carrier(folding type only at the moment)
x1 leather Bayonet frog

Price for the set £400.00

I will also be looking to do a deal with smocks and helmet covers and also one with either Jack Boots or Ankle Boots once I have more details on these items. I will post pictures of the sets when I get the chance.
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