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Personal kit, show us yours !

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 11:19 pm
by peiper1944
Hi all
Just trying to spark up some intrest and get a thread started.
Personal kit, show us yours is the title, i'll kick off with a pic showing your basic Infantrymans
staple kit found in the bread bag, comprising wash kit (razor, period blades, shaving brush, soap,
toothbrush, period comb and "huck" towel), also shown are the 5 staple items from the iron ration which were always carried by every individual soldier (see pic).
1pkt of dried soup (could also be tinned), 1 portion of bread ration, this could either be fresh or dried
this case it is a block of "Dauerbrot-B" which was a type of dough bread which could be cooked, also
meat ration which was either fresh or tinned, chocolate ration which this type is in a round metal
tin, this particular one was a gift from the German red cross as it says on the tin, also not forgetting
issued portion of fat or butter stored in the orange butter dish.
There is also a sacharine packet which replaced the sugar ration (war shortages) the other items
pictured were dust goggles, esbit cooker, fork/soon (spork) and period packet of cigarettes from the
weekly tobacco ration.
Cheers Pipes
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Re: Personal kit, show us yours !

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 9:24 am
by peiper1944
No one intrested then ??
I thought people were complaining about nothing happening
on the forum yet no one has bothered to respond to a new thread ?