ZIB militaria Panzerschreck

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ZIB militaria Panzerschreck

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Does anybody have the new Panzerschreck by zib-militaria? How is the quality?
It looks amazing and is very cheap, too.

http://www.zib-militaria.de/epages/6143 ... ts%2F20274

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Re: ZIB militaria Panzerschreck

Post by Halle »

Looks very good , and wouldn't be too hard to rig for pyros...
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Re: ZIB militaria Panzerschreck

Post by ssparatrooper »


apparently epic have them too? i got one from Zib and having messed about with lots of originals they are perfect and original rockets fit in them too, they cock and dry fire so you can do the correct drills

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