brown k98 pouches

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brown k98 pouches

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I have been told by a member of my group that i have to black polish my brown pouches as they wouldnt have used them, only very early war and luftwaffe, is this so or is he just being picky, have had them like that for 2 years and he has never said a thing untill last weekend.
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Re: brown k98 pouches

Post by nelz »

simply do a bit of your own research .... start with Google ,... you'll be surprised what information you will uncover , and then decide
if your pouches are the correct colour for your portrayal.


The colour of the leather pouches produced in the thirty's was various shades of natural leather. Branches of the Wehrmacht had a preference for certain shades. The Heer, Kriegsmarine and Police generally used pouches that were natural (tan/butter) in colour. The Luftwaffe used a chocolate brown until 1942. There is no steadfast rule for colours used by the branches and many variations can be found. Sometime in October/November 1939, a High Command order was issued changing the colour of leather items to black, possibly for camouflage reasons. Many early pouches can be found with the original natural colour on the belt side and the outer surface dyed black to conform with the order. It is still possible to find pouches that were not field dyed, although they are not common. By the end of 1940 going into 1941, manufacturers were producing most pouches with black leather materials. Some pouches can still be found brown with a 1942 date. Pouches used in the early days of the Afrika Korps (DAK) were sometimes natural but this colour was not used for very long and the DAK adapted black as the standard.


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