Yugo Lafette to 34 Lafette?

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Yugo Lafette to 34 Lafette?

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Alright, call me ambitious and unskilled (Because that's what I am!).

But I'd like to try and convert my MG42/53 Yugo lafette to a decent replica of the 34 lafette. Does anyone know of any skilled machinists (I spoke with Nelz at Elite Militaria, very nice gentleman, who has agreed to look into the possibility of helping me with this). The problem, he needs an original 34 lafette to copy the bracket/Knuckle-buster that is often signature to this piece.

Is there anyone near him that could possibly loan their 34 Lafette to him to copy/measure/study? I don't want to speak for him necessarily but that was one of the issues brought up (and it is a valid one too). Photos and measurements can only take you so far.

I know there is an adapter by TNW but I am looking to have one custom made so I can display it as well!

This may even open another door for other 34 owners! Any help in this project or insight would be much appreciated. If we can build a tank from scratch, replicate uniforms, build weapons etc, how is it that we can't reproduce this little bracket? I understand it's a complex design, but seeing the stuff we've accomplished I doubt this can be difficult for a competent machinist.


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