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1939 P.weyesberg Bayonet, My latest aquisition

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 10:48 am
by johankreig
Just been given my first bayonet, a very nice 1939 P.Weyesberg, alas its not matching with scabard, blade has the number 4264, scabard has the number 9385, however its in fab condition, been trying to get it off my uncle for years, eventually I have fixed his pc enough times without payment, that I have got my hands on it, blade still has its blue colouring.

Will try and get some photos posted asap, my uncle has even made it fit my k98 wooo, just need to get a suitable frog for it now.

Does anyone have any info on the maufacturer, have tried a google search but all i can find is info on the codes, nothing on the actuall manufacturer.