truppenfahrrad handlebar zeltbahn straps

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truppenfahrrad handlebar zeltbahn straps

Post by Pyotr »

I got some straps to attach a Zeltbahn to the mounts of a truppenfahrrad.
What surprised me is that they have two buckles per strap. I can't see does anything to lengthen or shorten the strap, Is this to attach two different objects to the If so, what?

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Re: truppenfahrrad handlebar zeltbahn straps

Post by mutabornomine »

If its the straps that I have seen, then they are not German. The ones I have seen have black buckles, Wehrmacht has grey buckles. The width of the Wehrmacht straps is usually 18 mm, but these are wider. Wehrmacht has leather thickness 2.5 mm, but these are thicker. Wehrmacht has the rough side to the outside and the smooth side to the inside (to avoid wear of the zeltbahn and uniform etc), but these have the rough side to the inside.
But I have to say, that is only for the ones I have seen in the past, perhaps yours are different. In that case some pictures would be nice.
Felix the Kraut

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