"Y" Belt Harness Question

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"Y" Belt Harness Question

Post by Rikhardr »

Equipment Question:

When using a "Y" belt harness, does one also use the tunic belt hooks or are the tunic hooks
just used with the internal suspenders to hold up the belt and equipment? As always thanks for the help!

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Re: "Y" Belt Harness Question

Post by Steiner »

Belt hooks should always be worn, IMO - with or without Y-straps.
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Re: "Y" Belt Harness Question

Post by Viktor Kauer »

'Officially' belt hooks were withdrawn from use for infantry on April 18th 1939 (HM 39 No. 328), however they are still seen throughout the war, and the tunics were still equipped to take them even on the M44.

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Re: "Y" Belt Harness Question

Post by ringer »

yes use them , it helps ensure you wear your equipment at the right height..

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