luger shoulder holster

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luger shoulder holster

Post by wolfieny »

hi guys , can someone assist me , I am seeking a brown shoulder holster similar to the one pictured below for a luger pistol, IMA is currently out of stock on the brown shoulder holster , does someone else make a similar holster , please advise, many thanks, wolfie


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Re: luger shoulder holster

Post by Pyotr »

From what I can remember, the consensus on a luger forum is that these are totally made up. I have never read about a shoulder holster being worn or seen a shoulder holster worn in photos. IMA has some ok stuff, but I suspect this is made up to look cool. If you want this for WW2, I would approach it VERY carefully,m and only after you saw something that looks like it (exactly like it as I suspect you will get a lot of attention wearing it!). If you want it for your own modern use, it may work.

I have seen lugers stuck in pockets, esp. by FJs in the top zip pocket. But not ever in a shoulder holster.


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Re: luger shoulder holster

Post by last drop of blood »

you can ask this company for help,i have purchased many stuff from here,even some stuff they dont have !they alway can do that!i am pleasure with the company!

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Re: luger shoulder holster

Post by saddler »

I seem to remember seeing ONE possible shoulder style holster, of WW2 German origin, in an R J Bender book - many years back (but for a P38)

Given the IMA source of the one you show, I'd say that these are 100% fake/fantasy & not based on ANY known original P08 holsters...even post-war!!

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