Dry Transfer Decals

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Dry Transfer Decals

Post by Totenkopf »

Guten Tag!

We have been slowly working on German WWII Dry Transfer Decals for some time. Currently we have Heer, 1st & 2nd Model SS, 2nd Model Luftwaffe and the Tri-Color. Each is a manufactures variant and we are hoping to offer other variants. Hopefully in the near future we will be having Kriegsmarine & the Party Decals. We are hoping to phase out out water transfer decals and as time goes by the price will drop on the Dry Transfers. All of the decals have been faithfully reproduced from Original Heer, Waffen SS & Luftwaffe helmets that we own.

The cost is high due to 2 factors, one being the hours for the graphic artwork to be done. We have invested 9 hours of artwork into our Heer ET Decal alone. The other is for the charge per colors used.

We would like to get some feedback by customers who have purchased the Dry Transfer Decals. We have invested a lot of time and money and we would like to hear the good and the bad. So far they have been selling and this is why we have been still investing time & money to reproduce them.

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Re: Dry Transfer Decals

Post by Pyotr »

Im interested as well. Many units do not want the water decals, and I personally don't love them at all. I use the French ones, but they are hardly cheap, though very very good. I would love to know if yours is about as good, or even nicer, better!
thanks for taking this project on,!

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