dull luftwaffe paint for helmets

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dull luftwaffe paint for helmets

Post by Pyotr »

I have several repro Luftwaffe blue/grey paints, one from France, one from England and spray from the US. All seem way too shiny, especially when I look at some photos which show absolutely flat/matt helmets, in videos on YOutube of Luftwaffe helmets being painted, the paint appears again, totally flat. Also, some Luftwaffe helmets seem to be a lighter shade as well as flat.

So- my questions:
In USA, any place to get a very flat/matt blue grey?
Any one have ideas about the different factory shades of blue-grey?


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Re: dull luftwaffe paint for helmets

Post by PaulW »

Hi Peter,
this may not be exactly what you want but Jacob Caputo ( http://www.alexanderandsonsrestorations.com/ ) mixes his own paint for his helmet restorations (I don't know if he sells it - you'd have to ask him, or get him to paint your helmet!). I think his colours are very good and quite matt (with the correct aluminium oxide mixed in). He also bakes his paint on to enamel it which is the correct method to make hard wearing paint.

As for the different shades this is what I recollect from reading around (bearing in mind batch variations):-

SE/ Hkp (same maker different stamps) - generally darker blue-grey and usually more coarse aluminium oxide finish.
ET/ ckl (Thale plant - different stamps) - light or medium blue-grey
Q - light or medium blue-grey
EF - can be light blue-grey
NS - not sure!

Jacob has mixed his shades by copying original helmets (he uses the inside of helmets, preferably from behind the liner band where there has been minimal ageing/ sun fade/ etc). If you look at mint original helmets (try Wehrmacht Awards Forum) you'll find some very light blue-grey Q's (mainly) and some ET's and EF's in that shade. You might think early war but there are M42's in that shade too - no wonder they smeared mud on them/ added nets or their own paint etc. You see them in wartime pics too which is more important. SE's can be very dark sometimes.

Hope that is a start!

Regards, Paul

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Re: dull luftwaffe paint for helmets

Post by Pyotr »

It does help- I appreciate your time and knowledge.
Application of it, now that is the harder thing!

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Re: dull luftwaffe paint for helmets

Post by mauser98 »

I've used 1944 Militaria paint for many of my repainted helmets. Since we are unable to get the paints from Europe shipped to the US, the 1994 Militaria version of Luftwaffe paint has been pretty good. Most of his paint has a bit of a shine. I prefer my repaints to look like they've spent some time in the field (not looking 65 yrs old or looking brand new).
After giving it several coats (some with texture depending on the helmet) I usually nick and beat them up a bit. I then fire up my lantern and turn up the flame to ensure a good amount of soot in the lantern bell. After it has cooled down, I take a rag and apply the soot directly all over the shell. It give a great "Been there" look by getting into all the nooks and cranies and darkens the color slightly. I then apply 2 coats of Testors dullcoat to seal the finish.
Hope this helps.


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Re: dull luftwaffe paint for helmets

Post by SplinterA »

A true Matt/dull finish was almost unheard of in the period we are concerned with. There was a slight sheen to all paint.
That surviving helmets have such a finish can be attributed entirely to age.
The additions most nations made to their paint, USA used cork, Brits used sand or saw dust, Germany used Al2O3, were an attempt to break up that sheen.
Helmet nets and cloth covers were another way to disguise it. Dirt and dust also helped.

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Re: dull luftwaffe paint for helmets

Post by fallschirmjaeger »

We sell paint! Agree with the post above that there was not a true matt with the german army it always had a sheen till aluminium oxide came along. Our paint can be legally posted worldwide don't try and buy canister paint or oil based paint or Mr Customs may visit you and the seller!
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