Uniform and Equipment Templates

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Vann Harl
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Uniform and Equipment Templates

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I'm sure several suppliers would cringe at my asking of this question;
but where could I get templates for Uniforms or for Webbing? I have a friend that is an outstanding amateur tailor and I know a guy who is a leather worker by trade. Both are able to work up pieces of equipment and clothing very easily given a copy or a template.

Unfortunetely my Google-foo has failed me, and have been unable to find the right things.

Appreciate any help.

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Crazy Feldgendarme
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Re: Uniform and Equipment Templates

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welcome lots of good info on here use the search function or ask questions
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Re: Uniform and Equipment Templates

Post by pepperpot »

this is because there is only one person who has these Michael Janke, Deutschland. How do I know?, a very good friend of mine had them when he did uniforms, however he gave it up, Janke and him are friends, so they were passed to Janke. Good luck he's not one for communication

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Re: Uniform and Equipment Templates

Post by saddler »

The leatherwork side of the issue is not as simple as it may seem.
Without the CORRECT metal fittings & correct spec. hide, any end results will not be up to the job.

...ask me how I know!

(Some metal fittings have taken several decades of searching & still no further forward. Other fittings have to be made from scratch by small engineering firms...Got a spare £1000 for a batch of one type of clip to be made up?)

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