Wehrmacht Cavalry

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Wehrmacht Cavalry

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Hey guys, I'm looking for whatever information I can get, or research leads, on Wehrmacht cavalry. Specifically I'm curious about the 1st Cavalry Division (prior to being transferred to the 24th Panzer in 41). Any information anyone can provide in relation to tack, equipment, uniforms, tactics, etc would be greatly appreciated. One big thing I'm curious about, were all cavalry soldaten, including enlisted men, typically issued breeches and Reitsteifel, or would that have been more an officer or NCO thing whereas the EM would wear the standard trousers and jackboots?
I've been trying to research this for quite a while now, as well as digging through many photographs, however information on early war mounted cavalry seems pretty well hard to locate.

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Re: Wehrmacht Cavalry

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A lot of interesting info and photos in this book:

http://www.aurelus.pl/KAWALERIA_NIEMIEC ... -2853.html

Unfortunately for you, in Polish with only short English summary. Price is about 4 Euro.

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