ww2 german Bino - Joachim Peiper

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ww2 german Bino - Joachim Peiper

Post by austealth »

Does anyone happen to know which type of binoculars Peiper would have used thats in all his photos.
I thought he would have used u-boat ones knowing that the magnification was bigger on them.

they look like there DIENSTGLAS 6X30, or carl zeiss 6 x 30 ?
any Ideas

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Re: ww2 german Bino - Joachim Peiper

Post by Halle »

Those aren't dienstglas around his neck . Danny Parkers book " Hitlers Warrior " mentions his E. Leitz-Wetzlar binoculars ( though this is '76 when he's under attack from communists at home in France ) . Could have kept them from the war , despite his 10 yrs of incarceration and allied pilfering .
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Re: ww2 german Bino - Joachim Peiper

Post by koobleguy »

10x50 :)
regards, koobleguy

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