Hair tonic or pomade containers

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Hair tonic or pomade containers

Post by Wollner »

Does anybody have any examples of period tonic or pomade containers? Either German or occupied area types. I've looked online to no avail, and I can't seem to find any examples. I'm trying to find something period correct to carry my pomade in my tunic pocket. Even searching eBay, I find nothing. Short of putting pomade in a lard container, I am at a loss. Lard in a lard container would be accurate... but I'm not doing that.

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Re: Hair tonic or pomade containers

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Hair pomade was mostly an American import thing, tbf the US were
still trading with Germany up until 1941 so most US items would
still be on the market till then or even after until stocks were used up
and sold, below are some pics ive found of pomade tins which are mostly
US in design, although there was one German tin ive found.

My advice is go on Ebay for a vintage tin or failing that use a shoe polish
tin (washed out of course) and repainted and put in your modern hair product,
good luck ;-)
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Re: Hair tonic or pomade containers

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google frisiercreme

brisk, birkavit haarbalsam
those were tubes of products available

hope this helps you
micky my wife is the german hairdreser and barber to many a reenacor and knows all about the products available
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