Böhmen und Mähren.. The Retreat

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Böhmen und Mähren.. The Retreat

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Böhmen und Mähren
The Retreat

The Final days of World War 2. The advancing Red Army has cut off the retreating Germans as they move westwards towards US lines. The German objective is to break through the Russian lines and avoid capture and death. Their aim is to surrender to US.

All ground German forces (inc Fallschirmjäger)
Red Army

Where: Tarago NSW (2.5 hrs south from Sydney). 2948 Mayfield Rd.
When: arrival from Friday 4.11.11
Program: Saturday 5.11.11 morning battles from 11:00 hours till 17:00hours. Details of battles and more specific scenarios are in the development stage, but will include capture the flag, ambush and defence.

Dinner will be provided, but you will need your plates or mess tins (beer/wine/alcohol BYO).

Sunday 6.11.11
Breakfast 09:00 hrs (30min)
10:00 small skirmish till 12:00hrs.

Pack up after 12:00. Those wishing to leave on Monday 7.11.11, must inform the organisers before hand.

Hot food will be provided from the Field Kitchen.

Hot water Tea/Coffee, bread any time.
Some cold water will be provided, but participants should bring their own supply.

Menu will be finalised two weeks prior to the event, and will be based on Central European cuisine. Any special dietary requirements will need to be self-catering. Please advise at least two weeks before the event.

Camping fee $ 10
Food $ 30

Toilet available.

Vehicles are welcome, but the movement of large vehicles will be limited, depending on the weather. Non-Period camping gear must be hidden in tents. Non-period tent area will be available, but removed from the action site.

Registration must be by 22.10.11. All re-enactors wanting to shoot must comply with NSW firearms laws. Gun license will be required for records. No shooting before 10:00hrs and after 18:00 hrs. Bring your own blanks. All safety precautions will be observed.

All re-enactors are encouraged to bring as much period equipment for their needs as possible. Please include a FIRE BUCKET – zinc or aluminium – for emergency use if required.

For registration and inquiries please email: bohmenundmahren@gmail.com

Farm Ausreenact Bohmen und Mahren

Organisers reserve the right to ask any attendant to leave the event if their conduct/behaviour endangers the safety and enjoyment of other participants.

Contact : ausreenact@hotmail.com

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