December 12th to 14th St Vith Ardennes.

European discussion. Post events here too.
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Pete Skillman
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December 12th to 14th St Vith Ardennes.

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Early December I traveled over to the Belgium Ardennes with three other UK guys... to take part in a private tactical/battle that was held on an actual site of conflict evidenced by me finding a clip of 30.06 armour piercing rounds..!.The standard of reenactors was shot calling..plenty good enacting....
Weapon hirer was from Poland around the 120 EU for 3 days hire MP40/44 and K98s.....snowed just right on the 3 days of the tactical.
40 Euros for 4 nights in a superb hostel converted barn that actually looked like a German barracks with the 70 or so guys it held. ... t=2&page=6

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Re: December 12th to 14th St Vith Ardennes.

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And some from mainly the US side, taken with an analog 'throw-away' camera; Click here for Facebook album

Also to note that 2 US 106th Division veterans paid the US side a visit on monday morning, 'inspecting' our foxholes and doing engineering work.

Was together with The Pursuit tour the highlight of re-enactment in 2014.

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