Brattfors 2013 - Border incidents

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Brattfors 2013 - Border incidents

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Hello all,

Maybe Sweden won't sound as the most logical place for WWII-events but we are planning a larger "do" at a historic location: the wonderfully preserved Brattfors WWII airfield, see link below.

Here is the event-plan:

“…incidents reported on the Swedish-Norwegian border”

As a continuation and further development of the 2012 event, we are once again setting up a WWII-event at the wonderfully preserved WWII-airfield and museum at Brattforsheden.

The Dates: 15-18 August 2013

The Place: Brattfors, Värmland – Sweden

The Participants: Swedish Neutrality Guards, German Army (Heer), Norwegian Resistance Men and Women, British Commandos, Refugees…

The Story: It is 1943 and the fortunes on the battlefield have turned. Stalingrad and El Alamein have dented the Germans confidence and put them on the defensive.
In the “quiet” woods of Värmland (along the Norwegian border) there is an uneasy peace between the Swedish Neutrality Guards and the German troops occupying Norway. British Commandos are regularly raiding Norway, assisted by Norwegian Resistance Men and Women – after their missions attempting to get across to Sweden. Refugees are still crossing the border to the safety of Sweden. Although neutral, the Swedes are sympathetic with the Norwegians and occasionally actively assist them, all while the German troops attempt to keep the border closed. From all these ingredients we will be creating an event full of stimulating action.

The Schedule:
Thursday: From 12:00 gather at the location, set up camps, information, safety instructions etc.
Friday: The “war” starts … we will set up patrols, ambushes, border incidents, training…
Saturday: The “war” continues, We will have a nice rounding off-party at the evening.
Sunday: Strike the camps and cleanup, brief feedback, return home.

The Cost: 400 SEK, meals included.

Register: Please, register Your participation through the below e-mail addresses, at the latest by 31 March 2013. We need to have advance registrations due to material and food planning.

All Swedish-troops register at:
All non-Swedish troops register at: (please mention Your unit)

Vehicles at display: At this moment we have some lovely, original German vehicles (Opel Olympia, Kubelwagen and two sidecar-MC’s) joining in at the event. There is also the possibility that we just might get a working Tiger 1 replica to the event. More on this to follow …

P.S: Please, respect the fact there can be NO politics involved at this event. We just wish to recreate an authentic border situation, albeit with lots of action (that also took place in reality during 1940-45).

Welcome to 4-days of intensive WWII re-enacting in perfectly authentic environment!

Hope You can join in!!!

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Re: Brattfors 2013 - Border incidents

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:) I wish you well - looks like a great venture!

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