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Bike Patrol

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Hello All

Looking for some super fit guys to join me and some others on a bicycle Patrol during the Spring 2013. It'll be a weekend trip and the goal is to reach certain objectives by bike as a forward recce unit during 1940. The place will either be Switzerland (southern) or Northern Italy, pending on what you guys prefer. I have 2 routes in mind, one in each country.

I must warn you, there will be civilian contact as we're going to be doing a couple hundred kilometers in the end in full uniform. This is legal and the routes will avoid larger populated areas as much as possible by taking back roads.

Sleeping accomodation is so far Zelts, if you need a Hotel that will allow some Wehrmacht troops, I'll enquire but don't keep your hopes up.

It might sound crazy, but I've always wanted to do this! And now I'm saying to heck with it, I'm going to do it!!! Max 8 people, min 4.

WARNING: this is not an event for those that aren't in top shape! You'll be lugging all your equipment with you and food during thw whole trip on period bikes! This isn't easy!

Please PM if interested with your prefered dates.

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