Polinago White Pioniers event

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Polinago White Pioniers event

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During Spring (Pending when a we're waiting for more people to come and say when they can make it) we are having an event in Polinago, Italy.

The theme is White Pioniers of the 756 Grenadier Inf. Reg. This unit used to be a Gebirgsjäger Regiment but was destroyed then reforemed as grenadiers, they were also known to have a large group of white pioniers (Pioniers with the white piping for regular infantry).

It will last for about a week, so it's not just a short quick event and well worth the trip!

So far we have about 10 people coming and hoping to reach at least 20 if not more. We have a scratch built bunker down there and are now working on multiple trench systems.

The idea of the event it to build fortifications for the Gothic line and to prepare other defensive positions, this includes setting up barbed wire, laying mines and making MG nests (We have a couple MG-42s) and possibly a mortar nest if it will be there this year.

Also we are setting up communication lines, but these are being harrased by local partisans so we need men to patrol the area and take care of these trouble makers and bring them in.

Full insignia is allowed, there's no problem with the people in the nearby town, we can even go in with our uniform for a morning coffee! :D

But the location is great and we can do whatever we want there and even have some locals participating.

The time period will be 1943/44, but yet to be decided which year depending on request by those coming.

All are welcome, we'll have a post for you, be it mine-laying, cooking, going on patrol, working with the Funkmeister and his radios etc.

If interested please PM me with the following information:

Name + reenactor name
Past experience (Which units you've been with)
What your main function is (i.e Machine-gunner)
Your location
and any extra equipment you can maybe bring along.

Hoping to get a FlaK 88 there but that's still a big if, I'm still talking with the owner.

Also we're looking into a cheap, easy way to transport all of down there.

In November, the original members of the group are going down to get another head start on the fortifications and trenches, all are welcome to come to that as well!

Bis bald!

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