Temple at War 2017

UK scene, discussion. Post events here too.
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Temple at War 2017

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Poor muzzle discipline!![youtubehttps://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=621yOLOtof4[/youtube]
Around 7.30

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Re: Temple at War 2017

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on face book , about firearms discipline or the lack of it...............................

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Re: Temple at War 2017

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Whilst many people whish to spend their time on face book I for one do not. In my opinion it is puerile, unpleasant and downright dangerous, of course if people need to waste their time rummaging through the faecal matter of their lives in public so be it! However this pernicious form of "social media" is killing all sorts of formerly interesting forum's, so please please please stop referring those of us who do not wish to engage in such nonsense to face book and either post a copy here or don't bother telling us!
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Re: Temple at War 2017

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here here well said
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