16-18th October NYMR levisham station

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16-18th October NYMR levisham station

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Its our tenth anniversary displaying at this beautiful location (amazing. 10 years! we were told 1 and your off)
This year will see the final run out of our Panzerdraizine "Thor" too.

There are limited places for re-enactors to take part in this years scenario, so please PM me if you are interested in attending:

Levisham station is converted for the weekend of the 16th-18th October to a continental (French/Belgian/Dutch) railway station in the year 1943.
Typically stations of this type would have little or no occupation presence.
The premise of the display is:

• A Wehrmacht Infantry unit is training in the area. This comprises a single platoon with support weapons and field kitchen
• Due to increased “resistance” activity, a security detachment of Waffen SS is on watch at the station for suspicious characters.
• The station remains fully operational throughout the exercise.
(Incidental Axis Re-enactors who arrive not in combat kit can add a little window dressing)

Infantry Training Unit
A reinforced Zug (30-40 men) of an infantry regiment have been posted to the area for training prior to returning to the Eastern Front.
They are encamped with no defensive measures
The platoon will be split into 4 equal Gruppen.
Gruppen will be assigned an area on a 1 hour rotational basis.
Trains arrive hourly, allowing repetition of events and activities at each area.

Five areas of interest:

Living History Area
This area will contain two command tents area and Zeltbahn tents.
Men can relax and drill, polish equipment etc.
This area will also contain all the units ammo boxes etc and will be protected by a unit with defensive positions.

Field Area & Firing Range
Opposite the cottages is the firing range. This area will be used for training purposes.
On the verge of this area, a field kitchen will be established, running throughout the show hours, demonstrating this rare piece of equipment, recipes and demonstrations.

Incident: During the arrival of every train, a BF-109 Messerschmitt Fighter aircraft has crash landed. The area around the aircraft will be the subject of smoke and flames. As the train arrives, a group of men will fight the fires and extract the pilot from the wreckage.

Incident: During each hour, re-enactors will demonstrate the use of the PAK35/36 against T34 shaped targets.

Car park
At the edge of the car park, a Feldgendarmarie (Military Police) HQ will be established.
Some period vehicles will be parked at the front of the car park on display and two stalls in residence.
Also within the car park is the Café for public use during show hours, and re-enactor use at night.

The station staff and re-enactors jointly built replica “Artillariewagon” (Thor) will be positioned on the track way
The unit will be manned and operational, available for providing supporting fire, and will be re-stocked etc as a continuous living history display.

Levisham Station
This will be decorated with period posters, all signs replaced with French signs. Tactical German signs will also be in the car park.
On each platform, a check point with at least one Military Policeman (FG) and female auxiliary (Helferin) will randomly check passes and inspect luggage. A clip-board containing typed information ands photographs will be on the tables. This was the most boring job at the time and will be re-enacted

Saturday Night sit down regimental with a three course cooked meal and free bar is available to all re-enactors booked in.
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