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Posted: Sat Jan 03, 2015 9:04 pm
by Pete Skillman
Date of even; 28th and 29th MARCH 2015

NAME OF EVENT; "Battle for the Po River Valley"

Armourer; John Oxlade

VENUE ; Pippingford Park Estate East Sussex (A22)

Operation ; Italy Spring 1945 The Allied Advance into the Po Valley

Division ; 2nd Battalion of 349th infantry regt,(The Kraut Killers),

88th Infantry Division (The Blue Devils)

The thrust to capture the Valley and cross the River Po started April 1944...the 88th Division was in the thick of it.. As last year worked so well!!! this event is to have as many American re-enacting units rebadged and operate as one company of 2nd Battalion of the 349th infantry regt... KRAUT KILLERS of the 88TH Infantry division THE BLUE DEVILS.....we will operate if numbers are big enough as two maybe three Squads of a platoon....each Squad with minimum of 8 and max of 12 men in each squad.

PM me if you are interested in joining.

Arrival Friday from 16.00hrs onwards..all to park at HUT D on the high grass area we normally use...

Book in and get weaps sorted with Oxlade..END EX SUNDAY 14.30HRS.

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