NYMR Levisham station display 2013 "Partizan II"

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NYMR Levisham station display 2013 "Partizan II"

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Any individual re-enactors or groups interested in attending, please PM me here or email to dasreich87@googlemail.com

Scenario “Partisan II”
Levisham station is converted for the weekend of the 11th-13th October to a continental (French/Belgian/Dutch) railway station in the year 1943.

Typically stations of this type would have little or no occupation presence.
The premise of the display is:

• Due to increased “resistance” activity, a security detachment of German troops have been stationed at Levisham to sweep the area of any Partizan units and to protect the rail link.

• Because of this increased alert status, a security detachment is on watch at the station for suspicious characters.

• The station remains fully operational throughout the exercise.

Anti-Partizan Unit
A reinforced platoon (30 -50 men) of a German infantry regiment has been posted to the area to sweep the surrounding terrain to prevent any resistance activity
They are encamped with full defensive measures
The platoon will be split into 3-5 equal Gruppe.
Squads will be assigned an area on a 1 hour rotational basis.
Fully scripted “Incidents” will be varied each hour and the affected Gruppe will need to respond accordingly.
Trains arrive hourly, allowing repetition of incidents and activities at each area.

areas of interest:

• Living History Area
• Road Crossing and car park
• Field, firing range and surrounding area
• Levisham Station
• Track way

Living History Area
This area will contain command tents, two dining shelter and Zeltbahn tents. The squad at this location will be known as the rest squad. Men can relax and drill, polish equipment etc. This area will also contain all the units ammo boxes etc.

Road Crossing and car park
A feldgendarmarie command post will be set up in this area.
All period vehicles will be parked at the front of the car park on display.
A medical display will also be featured, with Sani and DRK nurses and stretcher bearers. Also within the car park is the Café for public use during show hours, and re-enactor use at night.

Field, firing range and surrounding area
Two squads will be assigned this area. The field will contain hard points and positions to defend the edge of the station. The squads will take it in turn to sweep the surrounding area continuously looking for evidence of possible partisan activity.

Note: The public will only be able to view this area from a safe distance. No public access on to the field will be permitted.

Levisham Station
This will be decorated with period posters, all signs replaced with French signs. Tactical German signs will also be in the car park.

Period posters will be put on notice boards, all signs will be in French.
On each platform, a check point with at least one Military Policeman (FG) and female auxiliary (Helferin) will randomly check passes and inspect luggage. A clip-board containing typed information ands photographs will be on the tables

Security detachment is to detain any allied re-enactors who arrive by train and remove there weapons. These are to be stored in the radio room until immediately before departure.

Radio Room
The Eastbound platform contains the radio room. All the groups radio equipment will be placed in this room. This must be manned by at least one operator. Radio messages will arrive for the staff officers, and be presented by the signals Helferin hourly.
.A portable MP3 player will play sound effects.

The station staff and re-enactors have jointly built and will display a full sized accurate replica “Artillariewagon” (Armoured train carriage).
This is a unique display never before attempted at any UK railway event.
The unit will be manned and operational, providing supporting fire for anti-partisan activities, and will be re-stocked etc as a continuous living history display.

Rules for Re-enactors

1. We do this together
This display will only work with full co-operation of all re-enactors. Regardless of group, association or affiliation, we will form squads of equal numbers.
We will become one unit together.
On the Saturday, all re-enactors must fall in at 08:30 in the living history area.
You will be split into your groups and assigned rotation and your starting activities. We then rush off to dress the sets so we can be ready for the public.
We fall in again on Saturday night where we discuss the days display and speak freely and openly about what worked well, and more importantly what didn’t.
All opinions are valid, so don’t be shy now.
On Sunday, we fall in a 09:00. Your group will be assigned rotation and your starting activities. Some of us have a long way to go home, so if that includes you, tell your Gruppenfuhrer and we will arrange for you to leave between 14:00 and 15:00 hrs.

2. Safety and Behaviour
You will receive a copy of the health and Safety risk assessment upon your arrival. Read it through and sign the attached list.
Safety is paramount at this show. No one has ever been injured and we are proud of this.
The station gets VERY busy. You might think you have seen a crowd, but that’s nothing compared to the mobs we get at the station. The display involves very close contact with the public and little or no barriers between us and them. Be aware of this with regard to your uniform and equipment and stay in character!
Please keep all bad language to a minimum. We need to be as inoffensive as possible while the public are in attendance.

3. Arrival
You can arrive at the station anytime after 08:00 on Friday 16th.
This year, we are trying to put on some sort of display, no matter how low key on the Friday. Your help with this would be much appreciated.
The defined scenario however, will be on Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th.

4. Parking
Parking is always a problem. Please park as sensibly as possible within the car park. If we need to spill over, there is parking 200 metres away.

5. Camping
Camping will be within the paddock using period tentage only. Any “plastic” tents, unless they are put up after 18:00 and removed before 08:00 will be confined to the modern tent area 200 metres away.

If your wondering what the armoured train carriage looks like, Steyr have leant us a prototype of one of these:

http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?q=german ... ,s:0,i:130
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Re: NYMR Levisham station display 2013 "Partizan II"

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The Frontline Association Fjr9, DRK & Luftwaffe Helferin will be attending.

Numbers to be confirmed.


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Re: NYMR Levisham station display 2013 "Partizan II"

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Excellent Gary it will be good to see you lot again!
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