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Ostfront Odessa

Post by Pietrkiewicz »

I was recently at Elbe Tactical in Pa and saw a flyer for Ostfront Odessa. Does anybody know anything about this event ? Klaus

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Re: Ostfront Odessa

Post by SS FG »

I am new to the forum, so I am responding a tad late.

The event was held on April 7, 8 and 9.

It was a bit nippy with some snow in spots. One unit had a tent stove, however forgot the spark arrestor with rather dire consequences. Fortunatly they have a crack tent repair team.

The march to the battlefield(s) were uphill, so those of us in the senior citizens range had to trudge up after the young folks had scampered up the trail.

It appeared there were more Russians than Germans, but they obliged by making good targets of themselves for the morter crew. Three battles, varied terain and just cold enough to remind you of how unplesant it must have been on the Russian stepps.

There is a fall event on September 9, 10 and 11 that will include a night battle and flea market. Their website is www.OdessaEvent.com

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