Kompanie1 still in business

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Kompanie1 still in business

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Dear all , Just to confirm that Kompanie1 (KP1 ) is still "open for business" and still going strong.
A member recently heard from another re-enactor that we had split up and ceased to be ..this is not true at all and has only come about as we could no longer contain the enigma that is Peter so he has gone to pastures new.
(he left on his own so its no split either )

we are actually in a recruitment drive for some younger faces as we are hoping to put the "youth" back into the HJ and do have some under 20s involved now so if you are out there looking for a group to join and want to portray the Hitlerjugend then give us a shout.

We were last at Fortress Wales and are doing most of the bigger events (and small ones ) this year

Also have various bits of filming coming up :wink: ..your chance for your 15 mins perhaps ?

Website will be back up as soon as our webmaster gets back from hiking in Peru (lucky bugger )

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Re: Kompanie1 still in business

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Glad to hear that......... :D

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