Le Visham 2014

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Le Visham 2014

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What a fantastic weekend three good scenarios (one combat and two medical) which ran pretty much without hick ups, The Field hospital team made up of people from at least 4 different groups plus an FX specialist put on a fantastic show running both medical scenarios and giving informative commentary on the medical procedures used by the axis during the war, A big shout out goes to the platform team who ran the combat scenario then cass evac of casualties to the field hospital




+ helping out with casualties, manning radio room and platform duties! buy Endex Sunday we all had very tired legs

Great feed back from the public and from NYMR staff too

To all those who made this happen many thanks you helped to produce a cracking display weekend that will be talked about for years...... and for those who missed this year boy did you miss out

Roll on 2015 and year 10 for Das Reich at Le Visham 8)

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Re: Le Visham 2014

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THANKS ~ Great Photos! :)

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Re: Le Visham 2014

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It was a real good fun weekend :)


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