Xbox 360 WWII Question

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Xbox 360 WWII Question

Post by Rikhardr »

Does anyone know of any Xbox 360 WWII games where you have the option to play the German side?

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Re: Xbox 360 WWII Question

Post by redsun »

I'm not sure if its for xbox, but the red orchestra series do. 2nd game is limited to Stalingrad but is more up to date, 1st is not as advanced but has more content.

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Re: Xbox 360 WWII Question

Post by johankreig »

none I am aware of, would have bought them myself if there were, closest you will get is red orchestra on steam (pc) and COmpany of Heroes on Steam (also PC)
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Re: Xbox 360 WWII Question

Post by 9.SS-PzDiv »

There's a quite old game called 'The Outfit', historically not accurate, plain bullshit actually, but it's just fun to play and you can use german equipment as well.

I strongly recommend company of heroes 1 or 2 (PC) if you like something more realistic. Especially the Battle of the Bulge mod für CoH1 is more than awesome.

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