Rochus Misch L.A.H. RIP

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Rochus Misch L.A.H. RIP

Post by SchnellMeyer »

On September 5 , Rochus Misch one of the last living members of the Fuhrer Staff from the Bunker passed away at the good age of 96. After being wounded in the battle for Poland , Misch was transfered to the Fuhrer staff where he remained until the end of the war . He was taken prisoner by the Russians where he was held until 1954 , he returned to Berlin and opened a paint shop with his wife . In 2008 he wrote a book called " The Last Witness " .
I was honoured to have met and corresponded with Rochus over the last twenty years , I know other people also met him at his home in Berlin and will also have fond memories of meeting him .
May he rest in peace .

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Re: Rochus Misch L.A.H. RIP

Post by PaulW »

Thanks for posting this. I understand that an English language version of this memoirs is due out this October - that should prove to be a very interesting book.

If anybody has any memories/ anecdotes relating to meeting Rochus I for one would be grateful to hear them. He did a great service for history in being so open about his amazing experiences. In his own words he said something like 'I am an unremarkable man, but I witnessed remarkable events'. How true, and what humility.

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Re: Rochus Misch L.A.H. RIP

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saw this on the news, a sad loss indeed, thank god there are people like us still trying to keep the information and knowledge alive, schools certanatly aint.
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