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Great gun!! Picked one up for my son, who has been wanting one for awhile now. Why? This is the funny part...he plays some first person WWII game (don't ask me, ...they me be a waste of time, but, all young kids who come up and ask about our weapons and such at public events know about all this from the games...not from books! Gimme a stack of reference books anytime though! Ah, the caress of the pages...), and his character is a 6th Nord man who totes a KP-31 and a Lahti pistol. He found a shop in the area that actually had some.
Good luck on the pistol though...prayers may help!

A terrific shooter! I was working at a range this past year...many of the guys there are prior service, and that made it a great low paying job! Was a range master, and could shoot anytime. Now, I can still go in and if not busy, they let me slide in on the cheap.
This gun shoots like a .22, little, if any, perceived recoil, and easy to keep on target when shooting in a sustained reat...8 inch groups at 30 yards ...20 rds rapid fire.

I had the barrel tapped for a set-screw type BFA. The barrel extension on mine and others in the shop were just smooth bore no tears shed over tapping the original barrel. HOWEVER, if I was to get a parts kit with the original SMG length barrel and shroud, I would still tap that one, for we want the gun for reenacting use, and getting a SBR (Short Barreled Rifle permit, from the BATF) would be an acceptable extravagance for the sake of a better impression.
DRAWBACKS... ours came from the factory (TNW firearms) with a stick mag and sling. The shop owner added a drum. The price was 550.00, which is OK. Can be found for less on line, but then you have shipping and transfer fees, so,... The drum works OK. The first 12-15 rds are plagued by double feeds (2 rds then misfeed, 2 rds then misfeeed, again, then the rest flow smoothly.... I bought an extra drum, and the same problem. A friend with 2 of them said you need to put 500-1000 rds through it to break it in. Buy the cheaper Russian 9mm for this. 300 through so far!
The MAGAZINE... won't fit. Tolerances are to close for the stick mags. The drums are fine, nice and snug, which is fine by not want to have one drop from the weapon when moving through the brush at a tactical event. This happened to my son some in the thick brush of a downhill ravine last year when he the mag from his PPS dropped. He went back up the 100 yards and found it!
I went back to the shop and he pulled out two others, same thing. The gun on the wall had a stick mag in it, and I had picked this one because the stock was nicer. I already have tapped the barrel, so no exchanges can be done. They said they can get stick mags "real cheap", so I may pick up some and do some simple file work to get them to fit. They are also going to contact TNW and let them know about this problem.

Anyone had this problem?

Otherwise, a great gun, he likes it a lot, and I recommend it highly for anyone doing Continuation War related units, wanting a sweet shooting gun,....or Larry Thorne Impressions!!
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The Swedish style 36 round stick is a post-war thing, the guns had to be modified to accept them. An original untouched example would be more valuable. Of course, might just have to do with tolerances in your case.

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Anyone know of an example for sale in the UK?

Not into deacts, but the next option is make up a blank firer!

There a very detailed reference book out now on the kp/31
Well worth the money.

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