Ammo pouches

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Ammo pouches

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What do Suomi M31 ammo pouches look like??? I have been thinking of gettin one for use with a AOK German impression and have no idea how extra mags were carried. Did the stick mags fit in MP40 pouches, or did they continue to use Finnish ones???
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Re: Ammo pouches

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Re: Ammo pouches

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Indeed, mostly carried hanging from the leather belt with leather straps or stored in breadbag/gasmaskbag etc.

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Re: Ammo pouches

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I was very Common for the German troops to have them hanging from the belt I have many photos of this being done .

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Re: Ammo pouches

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As a curiosity, it might be worth noting that there was indeed at least one type of purpose-made magazine holder made, a wooden case with belt loops for 50 round stick mags. That didn't exactly work out too well : ) I very much doubt that MP/40 pouches would accommodate 50 round sticks for Suomi, so anything other than improvised means of carrying was pretty much out of the question anyway.

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