13th April 1944 audio recording mentioning the BFC

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13th April 1944 audio recording mentioning the BFC

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13th April 1944 audio recording mentioning the BFC

I have been searching through some one thousand audio recordings, many are between one and three hours, for the last
two years, looking for anything regards the British Free Corps recorded in WW2..... now I have it!

Waffen-SS General Hans Jüttner is holding a presentation about the military situation and the build up of new Waffen-SS units.
The original presentation went on for 57 minutes and here you will find the 20 seconds regarding the BFC. the information
causes some of the audience to laugh, if that is due to the fact that a BFC has been formed or because General Jüttner
made a joke by saying "Our enemies are helping us", will never be known. What is known however is the fact that Adolf
Hitler was in the audience, did he laugh too?

TRANSLATION: "Even our enemies are helping us, we are forming a British Free Corps to fight against the Bolsheviks.
The first 50 to 55 men from former prisoners of war are already there".

This audio can be found on my website ( use the following link and just simply click on the "gramophone record" at the
start of the article about the BFC).

Link to the audio soundtrack, feel free to download it http://bills-bunker.de/64090.html

Mit Kameradengruß, Willi.

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Re: 13th April 1944 audio recording mentioning the BFC

Post by Brigardefuhrer »

Great find Bill,very interesting.I remember when the SBG used to do 'Guard duty' for the ex-POW association reunions.The vets used to tell us that they were approached to join the BFC,most refused but then their mates told them to voluteer,it was a break away at a 'soft camp',better food (maybe even women) at the end of a few weeks they would ask them to join the BFC,then tell them to stuff it,they would be returned to their original camp and spend a few days in the 'cooler' as far as they were concerned it was worth it!
The good old British squadie,there is nothing he would'nt do for beer and birds :lol:
"I require able bodied men,with good horse and gun.
I wish none but those who desire to be actively engaged".
"Come on boys,if you want a heap of fun and to kill some yankees".
Nathan Bedford Forest.

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Re: 13th April 1944 audio recording mentioning the BFC

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Good find.....



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