SS M42 tunic

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SS M42 tunic

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Hello guys, what M42 or 43 wool tunic can you recommend? I was actually going for an ATF one, but they're sold out. :( It would be for a LAH impression..

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Re: SS M42 tunic

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I would go for Pantherstore. He is not doing the whole range of tunics, just the M42. I have a M41 tunic from him (I have asked him for a M41) and it is good in material and craftsmanship. There were a few problems with the collar, but he has corrected that. If you prefer the M43, just ask him.
I also have the ATF M36 and I think Pantherstore and ATF are about equal in quality, both nice and certainly better than the chinese ones.
Felix the Kraut

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