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It might be a bit tasteless, but I am thinking for a pair of chinos for normal life. Who is doing good quality chinos US WW2? I dont want to buy thatpriceglory, because my British khaki trousers from there are made of material which reminds me of a handkerchief. Does anybody know a good supplier?
I hope I wont get shot for asking for allied stuff here! Or named and shamed ; - )
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Re: Chinos

Post by SplinterA »

There was a summer uniform for Army and Marine branches but they don't look much like chinos as they are today.
Try At the Front, WWII Impressions for the summer uniform or Buzz Ricksons, the latter advertising 'chinos'.
Remember, period cut will be high waist and button fly.
Cheaper to buy khakis at Target or Old Navy?

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Re: Chinos

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Try SOF, not too bad for the price,
button fly, heavy KD material, WW2
cut, £29.99.
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