Officer gloves

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Officer gloves

Post by Moller »

Hi all,
Does anybody know where to buy good quality or faithful reproductions of Officer gloves?
Thank you,

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Re: Officer gloves

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if you are after grey cotton ones, go to any wedding shop and get mens morning gloves should have ribs down the back and button to close at wrist.
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Re: Officer gloves

Post by Guderian »

ESKA in Austria make good reproductions of German Officer kid skin gloves in the correct colour. However, they won't sell to the public directly. The cheapest place that actually carries them in stock is here ... 9&c=194464

They are expensive enough at €113 shipped to the U.K. and Ireland. Consider ordering a half size down to ensure a tight fit. The gloves should shrink over time though when exposed to inclement weather.


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Re: Officer gloves

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The ESKA ones are good but very expensive. I bought a pair after searching widely for a faithful reproduction of officers dress gloves. They were the closest thing I could find. You might also try these; ... ge=details

They are not the classic pattern, which are wool lined with two snap fastners at the wrists. but german officers (who were responsible for sourcing their own uniform items) did wear these patterns and they are close enough.

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