Officer Kragenbinde Question

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Officer Kragenbinde Question

Post by franz20 »

I have a question,

Does anyone know who reproduces the "White" Kragenbinde that is so often seen on officers in original photos? (I hate to reference it) but such as the ones worn by staff officers in the American film "Valkyrie"? I am just absolutely fed up with wearing the rise and fall collar rubbing against my neck.

Thank you.


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Re: Officer Kragenbinde Question

Post by Brigardefuhrer »

If you look in the 'for sale' section on here,Romilitaria makes them for his officer tunics,failing that wear a white shirt under your tunic.John
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Re: Officer Kragenbinde Question

Post by Moller »

I've asked Ro-militaria and he said "NO".. basically they only come with the tunic. I was thinking of buying a second hand shirt, taking the collar out and re shaping it like a Kragenbinde on the sewing machine. Might not be as hard as it seems.



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Re: Officer Kragenbinde Question

Post by pepperpot »

type in "granadad shirt" on ebay, thats where i got mine

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Re: Officer Kragenbinde Question

Post by Crazy Feldgendarme »

Epic Militaria has the collar liners ... llar-liner
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Re: Officer Kragenbinde Question

Post by Walther »

Personally, I ended up making one. One of the joys of the hobby is learning to do stuff and I've taught myself how to chain stitch, do leatherwork and make Kragenbindes amongst many other things.

Measure up using a post war one, get some good thick white material and spend a couple of hours on the sewing machine - you might surprise yourself with the results :)

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Re: Officer Kragenbinde Question

Post by Heeresbergführer »

A lot of officers just wore shirts under their tunics:



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Re: Officer Kragenbinde Question

Post by bhoy »

Try to obtain USMC officer's dress (blue) uniform collar liner strips - they are very close to WWII collar liners. We used to get them from the PX / Commissary but any good US Marine Corps uniform shop will have them. The Marine Shop is one good example here in Virginia: ... ortby=NAME
They are near the bottom of the page, please also note they carry the shirts associated with the collar strips as well!
Hope this helps,

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Re: Officer Kragenbinde Question

Post by Mattias Sieger »

I made one for a member of my group. I used this WA site for the layout: ... stcount=16
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