Soldbuch Merkblatts?

for information on soldbuchs,stamps,money,passes etc.

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Soldbuch Merkblatts?

Post by Speidy »

I was wondering if anyone had any Merkblatts to place in the back of the soldbuch.


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Re: Soldbuch Merkblatts?

Post by Ohmhagen »

Yes, we have them. We are producing a lot of Paperworks such as, Soldbuch, Meldeblock, all kind of Marschbefehl, Fahrbefehl, Urlaubsschein etc. and of course HDv´s, Liederbücher, Stempel and so on.
If someone is interested send me an Mail to: or watch out for us (Division Großdeutschland) at the War & Peace Show.
You can get nearly all paperwork in blanc or filled with your details.

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