Croatian Reenacting?

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Croatian Reenacting?

Post by milice* »

Hello all, Hope I won't get any hard time by posting questions of another Eastern European Axis ally.

Is there anyone on this forum that has knowledge of NDH or Ustasha,(Army)? Looking for anyone who has been reenacting WWII Croatia impressions. I know it might be a stretch but I have to ask.

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Re: Croatian Reenacting?

Post by peterwulfhund »

Would be a very interesting one to do, Ustashi would go well with a Partisan mob to fight against !
I suspect it's one to research and start up a group yourself , if ye think yer 'ard enough :D !
..I've not read about the whole WW2 Croatia lot for years..must check 'em out again..Good call! :wink:
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