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Eckstein no5 cigarettes label
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Author:  Viktor [ Wed Jan 28, 2015 4:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Eckstein no5 cigarettes label

So, recently i bought few packs of unfiltered cigarettes (yes, they still produce them) to repack them with period boxes.

I'm sure most of us DIY guys came across labels floating around the internet, you can also find label for Eckstein no5 cigarettes. I printed that label and was kind of shocked how poorly it was made, blurred text, logo had rough edges etc., but I have to admit one thing, dimensions are perfect!

I decided to redraw the whole thing, i spent couple of hours redrawing and here is my result:
(darker one in the bottom is the one i found on the internet)


If anybody wants to use them here is pdf:




and complete gimp file, if anybody wants to tweak them:


That's it :)

Author:  Pug42 [ Thu Jan 29, 2015 5:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Eckstein no5 cigarettes label

The only thing you need to watch is sometimes the wartime graphics were a bit fuzzy (hand-drawn characters, letterpress print methods etc) so be careful that modern CAD methods don't make stuff too "perfect"! Look at originals if you can and see if you need to 'soften' your artwork a little?

Otherwise good work!

Author:  Viktor [ Tue Feb 03, 2015 7:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Eckstein no5 cigarettes label

Like you said, different techniques where used back then. I will definitely try different paper type, more blur and we'll see what result will be. :)

That is why i also posted source file, so anybody can adjust label to his needs.

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