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Author:  Oberleutnant Ulrich [ Wed May 23, 2012 1:12 pm ]


Gentlemen, soldiers…I welcome you all to the Scharfschützenschule and wish you all great success.

You have been selected to train as snipers of the Wehrmacht and to perfect your skills as a sharp shooter. You will learn the art of concealment and finding your enemy while he himself is expertly hidden. You will learn the best and proven shooting techniques to improve your success as a sharp shooter. And you will learn the techniques required for your survival in the game of cat and mouse; hopefully you will always be the cat but one must also learn the life of the mouse.

This is a field exercise and all that you will learn shall be demonstrated and then practised by you while being observed by instructors. It is not a test, but an exercise to improve and master your skills as a sharp shooter.

What you will learn:

To find and identify your target: You will learn how to look for the mouse, to locate him and to hunt him. This will include all the techniques of looking for the right signs that the mouse leaves behind, to read his story and path and most of all to identify his mistakes. Looking for irregularities and mistakes will be the main focus of this topic.

How to remain hidden yourself: You will learn to stay one step ahead of your target otherwise you might find yourself becoming the mouse and him the cat! This includes staying hidden and concealed and not revealing yourself until it is too late for your target to react. Remember you have one shot, may it be the last thing your target hears. The main focus of this topic will be camouflage and concealment.

How to hunt the mouse: You will learn how to stalk and hunt your target without yourself becoming the target; this includes moving while remaining in concealment and making sure you do not leave a trail to be followed and to lead your target into your field of fire. The main focus of this topic will be to get into a good shooting position without being detected.

If you become the mouse: You will learn how to react if you find yourself being the one that’s hunted; how to get out and live, to fight another day or to turn the tables on the enemy. The main focus of this topic will be survival!

One shot, one kill: You will learn the best sniper positions in the field, the most advantageous spots to shoot from and the best shooting techniques that have been tried and proven by expert marksmen. You will learn the best time to shoot and which targets are truly priority targets. The main focus of this topic shall be to make the most out of the one bullet you intend to use.

Uniforms and equipment

Please make sure that your uniforms are up to the standard of 1944. We are attending a school; therefore we expect you to service and maintain your uniform to the highest standard, the same goes for your equipment. For those of you that are coming directly from the front, please see your quartermaster to make sure you have a complete uniforms that is in good order, the same goes for your equipment.

What you must have with you:

Complete uniform with tunic and trousers. Full insignia must be properly applied and up to date. You will be inspected!

M43/Bergmütze caps will be the standard head gear. Oversea service caps are permitted only while off duty. Steel helmets are permitted and strongly recommended for the field exercises. Officers may wear their Schirmütze only when while off duty. Different rules apply to instructors (Instructors will be notified with their rules separately).

All forms of foot wear are appropriate, but ankle boots or Bergschuhe are highly recommended as we shall be in mountainous terrain.
Water tan/Wehrmacht splinter smocks are permitted if they have been issued to you.

Belt and buckle, bread bag and canteen are required along with an appropriate rucksack for your gear. Rifle ammunition pouches are also required. Shovels and bayonets are permitted but not required. Please leave your gas masks behind; you will not be gassed in this event.

You’re strongly encouraged to take your rifle with you; these are either the K-98 rifle or the K-31 rifle. Priority lays on the K-31 rifle as that’s what you shall be using on the second day. DO NOT BRING ANY AMMUNITION!

Time table:

The first day will involve a short hike to our location in the mountains. There we shall set up camp and prepare an early lunch. After lunch we shall form up and head off to the practice field to start the school. We will practice all the techniques listed above. Afterwards we shall head back, have dinner and enjoy some interaction with our fellow comrades.

The following morning we shall have another short field exercise then pack up camp and head down. From there we shall head to the shooting range to practice and test your skills with a rifle to see if you qualify as a marksman.

A detailed time plan will be sent out to all participants by the start of September.

Please remember that this is a school and not an event to play war-games at. It is designed to learn and improve your skills and not to play toy soldier.

Please contact me if you are interested and if you can contribute anything to the event. K-98s with scopes will be greatly appreciated!
What I will need from you is your name, rank, unit, and experience level in this topic.

The event will take place in the South of Switzerland.

Author:  Oberleutnant Ulrich [ Wed May 23, 2012 1:13 pm ]

General info concerning the issue of weapons:

Since this school is about Snipers; it is quite plain that we will also be handling rifles. Remember, it is not a toy, it is a tool, a very deadly tool if used or correctly OR incorrectly!

We will all be careful concerning the impression given to the public in case of the chance encounter with other people. Seeing firearms can have a negative impact on other poeple, on top of this we are in German uniforms. Therefore there are some rules to abide:

1.Treat the weapons as if they are loaded at all times!

2. Do not point any firearm at any person at any time unless under a specific exersise. In which a qualified instructor is suipervising and has checked that the firearms used are safe.

3. In the presence of any public interactions, all exercises involving firearms will be ceased and resumed when it is considered safe to continue by an instructor.

4. No live ammunition will be used at any time, nor be carried on any person at any time. The only time live ammunition wil be used is in the range, and that is where it will stay. It is the responsability of the intructor to handle the ammunition.

5. At all times, avoid the display of wepaons to the public. This means keep them discreet.

6. Maintain and service your firearm, keep it in top condition.

7. At no point are you forced to do anything involving a firearm. Please do not overreact, just step to the side.

8. If you see anything that you would consider dangerous, yell “STOP! STOP! STOP!” and everyone must cease all activity (within reason).

9. Make sure you are comfortable with the firearm and know how it works.

10. Use common sense, act responsibly.

If any of these rules are broken, you will be court-martialled and tried fairly...then shot! No, it’s not funny really...if it’s minor and a legitimate mistake, you will be warned, repeated warnings or any serious violations will result in you being asked to leave.

I reserve the right to confiscate your firearm (No matter who it belongs to) in the event that I do not deem you fit to handle it. You may then retrieve it after I deem you fit to use it or from the police if I think the matter is beyond my hands.

All who attend the Scharfschützenschule must agree to these terms.

These are the current terms as of 26.03.2012. They will be updated. I wish for you to date when you agreed to the terms and update your agreement in the case of any further changes.

Now lets all have nice good clean event.

Author:  Oberleutnant Ulrich [ Wed May 23, 2012 1:13 pm ]


I am asking all those who think they wish to attend this school to send me their full information, including name, rank, unit and FUNCTION, along with your background in such a field (if any) and which badges/medals you shall be wearing!

I need all those who are experienced in such fields to step forward and present to me their qualifications.

NCOs must report to me immediately and they will recieve detailed news about what I expect from them.

The event will be end at the end of October, please let me know if this should work for you, if you have any preferences or request in dates, please let me know.

All uniform issues must be reported to me as soon as possible so I can arrange orders to be made for those who wish to use my connections.

I know it is some time away, but time goes by quickly and soon summer will be upon us and then Fall! I would like to start getting the logistics part of the project under way and slowly gear towards the event.

Author:  Gliderinf [ Wed May 23, 2012 5:44 pm ]

Few questions =

Where is this to be held ?

What is the experiance of the instructors ?

Is this FAC / own gun only ?

Author:  Oberleutnant Ulrich [ Wed May 23, 2012 7:01 pm ]

As stated, this will be in the South of Switzerland in the Italian part. But the exact, exact location will be confirmed later as I need to scout out the positions to better detail.

The experience of the head instructor (me) I believe is sufficient, I've done my courses as a range Sergeant, I'm a competition shooter that competes in the national level. My knowledge of German Sniper school and their methodes should be up to snuff as it's my hobby and spend my time on that instead of going out on weekends ;)

The personel will be professional, qualified medics, range sergeants, and staff members. The only one I have doubts on is finding a good cook ;)

As this will be a school, not everyone needs a rifle, we will have enough for the school for demonstrations. So far we are using the Swiss K-31s (which we also have enough of) for the qualification of your shooting lanyard, but there is the possibility of using K-98s as well, but that needs to be confirmed.The shooting will be done in a proper and certified shooting range for 300m.

But the more K-98s we have the better. As the field demos will be done with K-98s.

Author:  Oberleutnant Ulrich [ Sat Jul 28, 2012 4:34 pm ]

An update on this:

The Event will now be postponed to the Fall (End of October) 2013, but will still take place.

The reasons for this is because half of those who are interested have already made plans but would like to come the following year. This will be a rather larger "real" reenacting event and therefore I will take advantage of the time of add extra details to the event to creat one grand scenario. This not be something you want to miss men!

Author:  Oberleutnant Ulrich [ Sun Sep 23, 2012 8:49 am ]

Space is now open for applications to the Scharfschützenschule, all are welcome! We have a location and a range!

If we get enough live fire K-98s then the live firing part will also be done with them, I will provide free ammunition.

Author:  Otto Mobil [ Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:17 pm ]

PM sent, Herr Oberleutnant!

Author:  Oberleutnant Ulrich [ Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:56 pm ]

Update for the Scharfschützenschule:

Inscriptions are coming in, but we still have a lot more places open! Please let me know asap if you intend to attend!

Approximate cost for those attending from outside of Switzerland and is NOT driving here (i.e. flying into Switzerland) will be around CHF 250.00 but will decrease in price if more people attend. This incldues travel from the airport and back using the train and food, ammo and rent for the entire event.

For people driving here or already live in Switzerland, the cost will be around CHF 100.-
Again, the more people that attend, the lower the price will be. I’m hoping to bring it down by 50.00 if I get the right number of people.

We will have some larger tents available, but anyone who has period style tents are strongly encouraged to bring them. Zelts, of course, are expected to be braught.

More info to come, stay tuned!

We are up to 17 people so far with another 10 maybes...hope to reach a solid 30 in the end...at the least! Can take up to 100.

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