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Author:  snapper [ Mon Feb 07, 2011 6:57 pm ]

Hoffman Grink wrote:
....... We like to name people when we speak of them because that's how we do things -

Hoffman Grink wrote:
A source in Belgium tells me this may not be so.......

:?: :oops: If you add 2 and 2 on this one, you seem to get 5.

I've spoken to the judge today. He's a bit busy at the moment, as he's moving house, too, but he will come here and elaborate shortly. He will also be glad to clarify any questions about interpretation of German legal matters.

When I told him the current interpretation of the legality of re-enacting SS in Germany held by some posters here, we had to interrupt the phone call for a while until he stopped laughing.

Author:  Hoffman Grink [ Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:07 pm ]

Ah - so you have come here for a joust then Mike - Maybe even to try to smooth over the mess made by Hoover? Doubt it will work. And it seems you want to warm up the Waffen SS situation too - after you specifically said you have no issues with it. Hopping between here and the German forum must be taking up a lot of your time. I'd not bother were I you - best bet would be to just carry on with the ever shrinking set up that is German Re-enactment - until it disappears up its own arsehole.

Germans invading the low countries to re-enact seems rather apt to me - And I'm loving the historical parallel that there is a growing resistance to it also. Did you also ask your judge about deactivated weapons? I bet that would have stopped him laughing rather quickly. I have some to deactivate this week - I doubt if tissue paper would satisfy the Birmingham Proof House though.

Why would yet another of the "WE" want to come here? What good does it do? Is it simply a new battleground outside of German forums where you think you can all espouse your one sided views? Much better to stay on the closed shop hauptgeheime forums of Hoover and Greisser and play at Nacht u. Nebel cos as I said - No one except me really gives a rat's arse any more and I freely admit to playing to the crowd for amusement purposes rather than trying to influence any sort of fair play. Dutch, Scandinavian, Belgian, Spanish, UK, French and other re-enactors all look in and PM me in fits at the sometimes audacity of my pisstaking...... All you folks are doing is lowering the credibility of your particular sector of the German scene. You're not even making it harder for those who want to build bridges and who are already happily continuing their hobby with no detriment to anyone.

This thread has gone so far off topic now (thanks in no small part to me as well as yourself) it's pointless. Anything else you might have to say is moot. It's circular.

Author:  snapper [ Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:51 pm ]

Hi Paul. Oh, I just come here for a bit of light entertainment after a hard day at work and some renovating/building in the new house. The German forum I frequent is quite dry most of the time. And, believe it or not, I quite enjoy your banter. I also enjoy the feedback I get elsewhere from people in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and other places.

I will ask the judge if he recognizes anything in your continuous insinuations about tissue paper and deacts. Sounds like a bit of a red herring to me, or maybe even a Cornish pasty.

Better still, ask him yourself when he gets on here.

As to warming up the SS thing - not really. I have an acute interest in getting things going in Germany. I just don't think the naive approach to W-SS re-enacting is going to get us anywhere in a hurry, except three steps backwards. I had a long talk to the judge about that. I do personally think that the approach with covered runes and swastikas might be a viable alternative in certain situations, and definitely approve of some approaches looking at educational portrayals of the W-SS in controlled environments such as a lecture room within a museum. I definitely do not think that a public battle involving W-SS re-enactors would in any way help the situation here. The problem is that too many people see this issue in pure black-and-white, where even a black-and-white telly knows it has to depict an infinite number of shades of grey to provide a good picture, even though those grey shades are, in themselves, built up of tiny increments in b&w themselves. Getting complicated? It's nothing compared to the possible developments here.

I quite understand your view of it, especially after your efforts to give assistance. But, then again, it's not all roses at home concerning W-SS re-enactment, is it?

I had hoped to get into a constructive debate with you, but that would probably disappoint your audience. A Dutch friend asked me why I try, as I'm only going to get p*ssed on before I really get started. I told him it wouldn't be my first p*ssing contest, and would hardly be my last.

So, if you want to continue in this manner, carry on! I am interested in serious discussion, but I will give as good as I get if anything else comes my way. I am not Hoover, and I do not agree with him on all matters. I also do not agree with you thus far on all matters, but that doesn't mean you can't convince me by serious argument. Intimidation and insinuation are generally seen as the weapons of those with weak arguments. I don't think you need that, do you?

Author:  Hoffman Grink [ Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:21 pm ]

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