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PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:33 pm 

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This is an early invitation to the members on this board to the California
Historical Group's November West Coast Regional Event scheduled on November 6-8,
2009. The 'theme' is TBD, but is usually a late war or Normandy theme. Last
year the theme was "St. Lo" sponsored by FJR5 which was a huge success, and also
a great way to highlight Fallschirmjager.

This event takes place at Camp Roberts, an active military reserve training base
near San Luis Obispo, California. The weather is usually very moderate and sunny
in the high 60's low 70's.

The terrain varies from training site to site, but there are rolling hills, dirt
trails, oak groves, and in some areas forests with large streams. The base and 'play' areas are immense, so there is often quite a yomp involved, but fighting next to AFVs in sham battles is quite a kick!

WW2 era barracks are used for reenactor's billet, and there is always a floh
markt on Fri-Sat nights.

Battles on Saturday and Sunday. There's a large turnout for this event in terms
of infantry and armor, to include Shermans, Stuarts, halftracks, greyhounds, a
Hetzer, Pzr. IV, several hanomags (AT and MG) and tons of jeeps, sidecars, a
Schwimmwagen, kubels, etc. that battle alongside the infantry- Full auto rentals
are usually available.

Last year there were approximately 400 combined reenactors.

In years past we were able to muster a 30-man Fallschirmjager group from
Virginia, Washington, Oregon, and the Midwest that battled the Allies- that
alone was an impressive sight to behold, three squads of FJ marching forward to
the fight!

Also, there have been Fallschirmjager only training days preceeding this event
that covered tactics, weapons usage and handling, grenade courses, 'school of
the soldier', language, culture and just plain 'ole Kameradschaft.

It is best to align with FJR5 to attend to follow attendance rules. The CHG demands a high level of authenticity, so please contact our unit prior to attending in terms of uniform standards.

Our international friends are VERY WELCOME to come to this event- please contact
us early so we can arrange for equipment, transportation, airport pickups etc. PLAN NOW!!


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