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Author:  352nd [ Tue Jan 14, 2014 4:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Research Help


A friend of mine is doing some research into the British 42 Division (East Lancs, Territorial Army). He wants to know what German unit they engaged in 1940. They fought at Tournai, Lille, then skirted the Belgium Border, then back to Bray Dunes and Dunkirk. Anybody know what divisions they were up against? The only positive ID he has was the 8/Lancashire Fusiliers were alongside the Norfolk Regiment when it was overrun by the 3rd SS Division Totenkopt. Anybody know any other units in that area at that time?


Author:  peiper1944 [ Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Research Help

My Grandfather was with the TA in 1940, he may not have been in the same
unit but probably shared the same dirt lol, he was a Sergeant with the Staffordshire
Yeomanry before being transferred to the South Staffords when he returned from
Dunkirk, he had remained in the TA after fighting in WW1 then WW2, apparantly he
did not talk about his exploits only that he had been at Dunkirk then Normandy.

As for what German troops were in the area, i know that part of the LSSAH were
attatched to Group Von Kleist and for the most part were spearheading that group
being used mostly by the Wehrmacht for all the dirty work, they reached Calais on
1st June 1940 when on 3rd/4th the last English bridgehead was destroyed then on
5th of June began to pursuit the remnants of the French Armies at the mouth of the
Somme river and moving to Moeuvres and Marcoing pushing through to Combles and
Longueval until finally being ordered to the Provins area on the 16th of June, the final
order of that campaign for the LSSAH was to move to St Amand via S Sauveur when
finally the French laid down its weapons


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