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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:07 am 

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Hallo Alles!

About two months ago I sent a request to be transferred into my unit's Feldgendarmerie Truppe. I have been reading primarily on the homefront Polizei and only now am starting to delve into the Feldgendarmerie. After I took the test I awaited it to be graded (for some reason this took awhile!). I found out a day ago I received a 97% thus the Chef of the Truppe would be sending his recommendation in for my transfer to the Kommanduer I felt I needed to get to work on my impression. Most of which I have had for some time, and just been itching to wear at an event.

Currently I have the following:
  • Whistle m. Lanyard
  • Feldgendarmerie cuff-title
  • Shoulderboards m. Orange Piping
  • Mapcase
  • French Post War Rubberized coat
  • Gorget: Of which today I finally got the chance to work on. See it comes from Landser Outfitters, which is just painted a plain yellow color. So today I got the chance to take off the paint off of all the parts save for the shield itself and repaint them. On the 'banner' I painted a flat matte grey color, and the eagle, two buttons, and letters on the banner I did a base coat of white and then applied multiple coats of glow in the dark paint.

I have yet to get a pistol (which most likely will be a blank firing one due to the shallow pockets I have!). Also a Winkerkelle. The latter I have seen one of the members make himself and I thought that since I had re-done the Gorget I might as well try making one myself. I saw that the diameter of the disk was 14,5 cm but considering the handle length was added to the disk I was not sure how long the dowel itself is. I would love to know more information on this!

Also I noticed Herr Feldjäger purchased some awesome repro documents. I was wondering if the source they were purchased from is still reproducing them? My unit will be providing me with a Tagebuch however I would really enjoy having more than just that.

I'm looking forward to future discussions with you all!

Bis dann!


P.S.: I was looking at my German Military Dictionary and I saw that the word "Feldgendarmerie" is Feminine whereas "Feldgendarm" is Masculine. I was thinking that Feldgendarmerie would have been Neuter or Masculine. Anyone have any info on why this is so?

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